Wailing Aaron Jennings is a singer and songwriter living in Missoula, Montana.

A third-generation Montanan who had the good luck or bad timing to be born in Texas. Inspired and challenged by a book of songs and poetry written by his Great-Grandfather; a singing cowboy in the 1920’s and the words “Yodel Here” a young punk unplugged his guitar and started hooting and hollering in the mountains, valleys, and tunnels.

Jennings’s songs champion the traditions of Honky Tonk and Western Swing while giving a knowing wink and a nod to the modern world. Every song is a story whether it’s a rambling waltzing exposition, a dance tune punctuated with acrobatic yodels, or a rockin boogie woogie – the ghosts of the past are jumping, shouting and dancing right along with Wailing Aaron Jennings (and YOU!).

Jennings has performed across the Northwest at Breweries, Dive Bars, Vineyards, Guest Ranches, Hot Springs, Campgrounds, Underpasses, Historic Chapels, Farm Parties, Pool Parties, Birthday Parties, Theaters, and Nudist Colonies. Memorable anecdotes, old jokes, and older songs are all part of the journey for him, and at the end of the night: if it feels like the ghosts of the past are dancing arm in arm with you and your hopes for the future? Well that’s just dandy.

His tunes will keep you thirsty for more, his guitar will keep you dancing, and his voice will keep you spellbound.