“Jennings has an authentic old-time country style, which is experiencing a resurgence today. He’d have been comfortable in the early 20th century, too…

After seeing the words “yodel here” in one of the songs, Aaron taught himself to yodel, taking seven years to perfect the difficult technique. Yodeling is executed in the falsetto range, which is hard for anyone to do, but especially so for a man with a deep baritone voice.

Jennings’ voice has that old-time radio sound, and he trills some acrobatic “oh-lay-ee-hees” – Lively Times

Wailing Country Rocking Troubadour, Aaron Jennings. – “Sanders County Ledger”

On Main Street, Wailing Aaron Jennings was singing country folk music on the stage. After he sang, “Somebody loves you” in a low raspy voice, a fan belted out, “I love you, too!!” – Valley Journal

Full interview with The Missoulian, available HERE